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University of California, Davis Extension

UC Davis Extension, the continuing and professional education arm of UC Davis, has played a significant role in the University’s educational outreach for more than 50 years—serving students regionally, in all 50 states and 90 countries, with average annual enrollments of 60,000 over the past ten years. The division contributes to each facet of the UC Davis mission—teaching, research and service—serving as a bridge between the University and working professional students, businesses and public sector organizations.

UC Davis Extension offers a broad array of courses, certificate programs and self-supporting master's degrees. Programs are offered through open enrollment as well as on a contract basis with longstanding organizational partners. Through its Center for Public Policy Research (in partnership with the Department of Psychology), Center for Water and Land Use and Center for Sustainability Studies, UC Davis Extension supports primary and applied research designed to improve both policy and practice in the areas of social services, resource management and sustainable development.

UC Davis Extension’s classes, mediation and facilitation services and professional consulting work address key societal issues such as improving healthcare outcomes, addressing climate change issues, enhancing disaster preparedness, and developing leadership capacity in corporations, non-profit organizations and public agencies.